Geoffrey Banks, Ph.D. (co-founder of 1st Order Pharmaceuticals) is a serial entrepreneur and drug development expert.  He has over 15 years of extensive experience in large pharma, biotechnology, and specialty pharma and an established track record of clinical, regulatory, and entrepreneurial success within the pharmaceutical industry.  Dr. Banks is also the CEO of Nuventra Pharma Sciences, a leading consulting firm in clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics that he founded in 2008.  He brings C-level and drug development expertise to the 1st Order Pharma team from his work as a clinical pharmacology consultant and corporate adviser to over 250 companies that range from venture-backed, start-up biotech companies through large multinational pharmaceutical companies.  He has valuable insight into the business and R&D operations as well as R&D strategy for these types of companies with compounds across all stages of drug development from discovery through IND, early phase through late phase clinical development, and from marketing authorization (NDA/BLA/MAA) through post-approval commitments.

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