Christopher Crean, MS is a co-founder of 1st Order Pharmaceuticals with over 20 years of drug discovery and clinical development experience across neurology/pain, ophthalmology, dermatology, anti-infective, respiratory and cardiovascular therapeutic areas.  Prior to his current roles as President and CSO of 1st Order and Managing Consultant at Chatham Biopharma Consulting, LLC he was the North American head of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics at Valeant Pharmaceuticals and was a team member on the approval for POTIGA in partial seizures, JUBLIA in onychomycosis, and the Eastern European MAA for XENAZINE in Huntington’s Chorea. While at Valeant, he led their Ophthalmology Development and Life Cycle Management programs and prior, while at Inspire Pharmaceuticals, was integral to the Phase 4 program for Inspire’s product AZASITE, in bacterial conjunctivitis. He has over 10 years of Kv7 potassium channel drug development experience covering three different organizations; Icagen, Valeant, and 1st Order.  Mr. Crean has been personally involved in moving drugs from bench to Phase 2 development, pharmacokinetic analysis and Phase 1 clinical operations, the writing and strategy of over 15 IND/NDA submissions, and has successfully spearheaded several extended release oral product manufacturing site technology transfers.

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