1st Order Pharmaceuticals (1OP) is an innovative and entrepreneurial corporation striving to advance medicine by championing intelligent drug development strategies. The cofounders, Christopher Crean and Geoffrey Banks, are seasoned pharmaceutical development scientists and business professionals that have a track record of drug development and entrepreneurial success in the pharmaceutical industry as well as unique insight into successful strategies and pitfalls for early development stage pharmaceutical companies.

1OP has been built as a lean, virtual drug development company, with a business model of dedicated outsourced professionals and strategic consultants that allows for low overhead and costs while maximizing the potential of promising therapeutics.

1OP has a strong strategy on expanding the patent portfolio around its lead compound, 1OP-2198, an IND-ready small molecule potassium channel opener for Kv7 (KCNQ) ion channels, for unmet and orphan CNS hyperexcitability-related disorders in neurology and pain. 1OP seeks to quickly advance 1OP-2198 within parallel indications utilizing pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling and intelligent drug development strategies.

Please see the following press release regarding 1OP’s Lead compound, 1OP-2198:  Xenon Expands Ion Channel Neurology Pipeline with Acquisition of New Potassium Channel Modulator for the Treatment of Epilepsy